No matter your age, you still want to look and act young at heart, but that can be exceedingly difficult if you have missing teeth. They’re always the first thing you notice in the mirror, and you just know that’s what everyone else sees too. They make you look older, they make it harder to eat, and you’re finally ready to do something about it. Thanks to Dr. Nair, you can! He can provide you with dental implants, the most comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement option available today. What are they? How do they work? How can you get them? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What Are Dental Implants?

Your teeth are composed of two main parts: the crown (the portion you can see) and the root (the part below your gums). Everyone knows how important the crowns are—they are what makes your smile beautiful and helps you speak and eat comfortably. The roots are just as important, however. They provide essential support to your jaw that enables it to hold your other teeth in place. When a tooth goes missing, this support is lost, and the jaw will typically start to shrink and weaken. While other restorative methods (such as crowns and bridges) replace the crown, dental implants go a step further and actually restore the root as well.

The implant root itself is actually made of a tiny titanium post. This not only provides a very secure hold for your replacement teeth, but it also prevents the bone loss we just mentioned. No other treatment can do that, and that’s what makes dental implants so special. With this new root, the health of your mouth is protected for the long term.

Of course, that’s just below the gum line. For the crown, a variety of natural-looking dental restorations can be placed. They’ll be primarily made of dental porcelain that can perfectly mimic a tooth in both strength and beauty. In the end, dental implants will give you the next best thing to a real tooth, and they’ll help your smile look and feel better than ever for years to come.

How Can I Get Dental Implants?

Tooth implant If you’re interested in replacing your teeth with dental implants, the first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nair. At this appointment, you’ll discuss your goals for your smile and he’ll determine if dental implants are the right treatment for you. If they are, the entire procedure involves 3 main phases:

Placement: This is a minor surgical procedure where a small incision will be made into your gums and the implant post(s) will be positioned within your jaw. An extensive and detailed treatment plan will be made to make sure the posts are put in the perfect place.

Healing: After the procedure, you’ll be given 4-6 months to heal. Your gums will only need a week or so to heal themselves, so this time is mostly to allow the titanium posts to naturally bond to the surrounding bone through a process called osseointegration. This is very similar to how your real teeth work, and it’s another way that dental implants provide a very firm hold. During this period, you’ll be fitted for a temporary restoration so that you’ll never be without teeth.

Restoration: Once you are completely healed, you’ll return to Dr. Nair to have your final restoration placed.

Dental Implant Cost

If you’re considering dental implants to replace missing teeth, don’t let the cost scare you away. The truth is that dental implants are a worthwhile investment. They not only enhance your smile and help maintain a more youthful appearance, but they also may just end up costing less than other tooth replacement options. A bridge or denture requires regular maintenance and refitting, which can cost you time and money. Dental implants, on the other hand, are designed to last for decades when you practice good oral hygiene and attend regular dental checkups.