Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is a dental procedure that deals with infected teeth on the inside of the tooth structure. This procedure is also known as ‘endodontic treatment’. Root canal treatment is often performed by dentists and endodontists on teeth that are severely infected or inflamed to save the actual tooth.

In the case of a tooth that may have a cavity of is chipped, other treatments may be applied like fillings and veneers, however, if the tooth is such a condition where those measures are not enough to treat the problem, root canal may be used to save the tooth.

Often, a root canal treatment is triggered by the patient complaining from severe toothache. The pain can be debilitating and often worsens when lying down. This is a sign that the tooth may be infected.

Why is Root Canal treatment necessary in some cases?

A tooth is a living structure like any other body tissue. When a tooth is infected or traumatised, the nerves within the tooth structure can become irritated and extremely sensitive to cold or hot and feel even worse at night. In some cases, the nerve reacts to the trauma by dying. In this case, the tooth no longer reacts to varying temperatures as the it contains a dead and dysfunctional nerve. The dead nerve causes an infection within the tooth which then causes severe pain. In this case, the patient would have limited options to either have root canal procedure performed or to have the infected tooth extracted.

Dr. Nair will be able to present your options with you and explain all procedures. Often, deciding on whether to have root canal performed or a tooth extracted depends on the position of the infected tooth, it’s function, affordability..etc.

Root Canal treatment involves cleaning and disinfecting the tooth in the root canal area. The procedure does not treat or save the dead nerves in the tooth, but it saves the tooth structure itself.

After this process, the root canal area is filled with material that seals the tooth and prevent further infections.

The Root Canal Treatment

Generally, root canal treatment is completed within two to three visits to the dentist. Each visit can take between 30 minutes to one hour. Dr. Nair will numb the affected tooth first. The tooth is then covered with a rubber dam to prevent disinfectant material from entering the mouth. He then cleans, disinfects and shapes the root canal. Once that step is completed, the root canal is filled with sealing material.